Reflect on This: The Benefits of Mirrors in Home Design

Whether you have a space that feels a little too small or one that doesn’t get as much natural light as you’d like, adding a mirror to your home design can be perfect to alleviate those problems. By adding depth and light to any room, there are never any rules to designing with mirrors!

Double the space by adding a mirror to a tight room. By creating an illusion of more space, you won’t feel cramped even if the walls are literally closing in on you. Just remember that the placement of mirrors in home design is key—you don’t want to create any undesirable reflections. Think about what you’ll be doing in the space and how the innate qualities of the mirror will react to the surroundings before hanging it on the wall.

Bouncing around light is another quality of mirrors that make them timeless for decorating. Whether this light is from an adjacent window, lamp, or candles, the mirror will let it shine and create a much brighter living area to enjoy.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable things about incorporating mirrors to your home design is thinking about how the reflection will look. By placing on a wall opposite a garden window, for example, you can make it look like the room is flanked by greenery. Hanging a mirror across from a piece of art, you see double the artwork. Getting creative with the placement of your mirrors is half the fun, so let your vision shine!