Remodel from the Ground up: Functional Plans for a Bathroom Remodel

The best bathroom remodels start with a well-thought out design. Because a bathroom is jam-packed with a number of necessities in a space that is usually decently small, it can be hard to fit everything you want into your new bathroom.

With a little creative space planning, though, you may even get to fit in a few luxuries!

No matter what type of bath you're remodeling, a functional floor plan is the key to a successful remodel. The best way to give your designer the full picture of the bathroom's function, it's important to tell them all the details. Things that may seem odd to you, like who will be using the space most and when, actually can open your designer's eyes to new layout ideas to make the bathroom better suited to fit your needs.

Once the basic shape of the bathroom is ironed out, it's important to consider all the placement possibilities. If you're willing to move plumbing, the sky's the limit on how your bathroom can look in the end. Unlike a kitchen which generally has a tired-and-true work triangle, there is no recommended layout for bathroom fixtures—it's all up to preference and how it will be used. Make sure you discuss everything with your designer in order to make your bathroom remodel perfect for you when it's finished.

One thing to never forget in a remodel is lighting. Great bathroom remodels all include a lighting plan that layers and blends four different types of light—task, ambient, accent, and decorative. A thoughtful plan for light can turn a good bathroom great.