Remodel Your Home and Make Autumn Fall Inside

Though autumn may only last a few months outside, you can bring the style indoors for much longer. Fall is the time for warm, rich, and cozy colors like chocolate brown and golden yellow accented by burnt orange and lipstick red.

It’s no wonder decor inspired by this season becomes timeless in almost any home.

In order to remodel your home to create the perfect fall getaway for any time of the year, just think of the colors of fallen leaves. Use the browns and yellows as bases with a pop of color by means of oranges and reds. These colors all invoke a feeling of warmth, so there’s no problem using them in your more permanent interior design.

A great home remodel strategy is to use bronze in your decor. Tie in bronze from ceiling fixtures, drapes, and upholstery to create a formal atmosphere. Once you have that set, it’s time to bring in the traditional autumn colors which will go perfect with your bronze pieces. No matter your style of decor, this will create a formal yet calming remodeled space.

When remodeling your home remember fall is a great time to incorporate a fire. Instead of making that big screen TV the focal point of the room, use the fireplace instead. Design the room as if it is getting chilly outside and the crackling of the fire is the perfect safe haven from feeling the nippy cold and go from there. The colors of the flame are also perfect for any fall decor, so incorporate them throughout.