Remodeling Your Tucson Home When You Live in Colorado

When you’re remodeling your home long distance, the key is to work with a designer who gets your style and provides open lines of communication. 

Popular wisdom says, long-distance anything is difficult. And, popular wisdom is often right. Yes, remodeling your Tucson home when you live in Colorado isn’t without its challenges. However, with the right approach, it can also be surprisingly fun. 

The key to a successful long-distance remodel is two fold: 

  1. Work with a designer who gets your style.
  2. Work with a designer who provides open lines of communication.
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How to Find a Great Tucson Home Remodeler

As someone who has worked in the home and remodeling industry for more than a decade, I’m often asked, “How do you find a great home remodeler?” Here’s the advice I always give: 

Ask for Recommendations

This is always my first piece of advice. Talk to friends and family who have done similar projects. See if there’s someone they’d recommend. 

Check Credentials

Don’t skip this step! Seriously. When you’re considering a potential home remodel and design company, make sure to check that they are credentialed. This will help ensure you are protected in the event that anything goes wrong. 

Meet with the Designer

Schedule a face-to-face interview with the designer. See how you get along. Does she listen to your wants and needs? Or does she simply tell you what she’d going to do?

It’s not uncommon to have an idea of what you want, but not a clear vision for it. This is why I always recommend working with a designer who asks questions about your goals, learns about what you like, and then provides suggestions that highlight what you want to accomplish. 

Establish Communication Pathways

Once you’ve selected the Tucson home remodeler who is right for you, make sure you clearly establish how you’ll communicate with one another. If you hate texting, tell them! If you want to do an occasion video walk-through or you’re really interested in being emailed picture updates, let them know. The key is to make sure you are both upfront with how and how often you plan to communicate. 

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