Save Money and the Environment: Energy Efficient Home Remodels

The times are changing and we’re becoming more environmentally conscious. From monitoring and limiting air pollution to producing more and more hybrid cars, it’s all about efficiency with the limited resources that we have. Not to mention, the money savings!

If your home is not yet fitted with energy efficient technologies, you’re missing out on great savings with a home remodel. Since Tucson is known for its abundant sunlight, having a solar water heater is a great option to dramatically reduce energy bills. Doing a small home remodel by installing more skylights and windows will also help by not needing to turn on lighting fixtures during the day—just make sure they are all glazed appropriately so you don’t increase your air conditioner use. You may even consider a smallsolar electric system to partially power your home. You won’t need large solar panels to do so and your existing electrical supply can easily be complimented by the power of the sun. Once the sun goes down, you can use LED light fixtures to produce a lot of light by only using a little bit of power and install motion sensors so the lights will turn off when no one is in the room.

For a bigger home remodel, you can install larger windows to face the south with roof overhangs to block out the hot summer sun but still let your home be passively heated through the window by direct rays. Different floors absorb heat better, so tile and stone will also be cold in the winter but carpet is comfortable year round. The passive solar design is effective and, if done correctly, can reduce your electric bills. Talk about a win-win!