Should You Install Dual Sinks in the Master Bath?

You and your partner probably love a good cuddle session and round of tonsil hockey. But as lovely as it is to knock-knees from time to time, knocking elbows at the sink doesn’t have the same appeal. Dual sinks in the master bath give you the personal space to spit and brush at your own leisure. 

Still, there are two sides to every story. Let’s look at the pros and cons of dual sinks.

Pro – Personal Space

Ever had toothpaste spit on your hand or waited to wash your face because the sink was being used? With dual sinks, waiting is a thing of the past. It’s your sink, your space, and your decision when to spit or wash.

Because there’s nothing sexy about fighting over who’s turn it is to use the faucet.

Con – Less Counter Space

No matter how you slice it, double the sink, double the space. If the layout of your master bath only leaves space for a single sink, trying to squeeze in two might not even be an option. 

However, master baths tend to be a little more spacious. When you work with a skilled designer, they can help you reoriented your bathroom’s layout to accommodate two sinks while leaving enough counter top space to set out your toiletries.

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Con – Less Storage

A second sink comes with a second set of drainpipes. Those pipes take up room that you could use as storage. That being said, a skilled designer can help you find creative solutions to maximize your storage space.

We’ve found our clients never miss the small amount of space used by a second sink.

Pro – Symmetry

Symmetry can bring a sense of calm to your space. With two of the same sinks placed side-by-side, you can give your bathroom a sense of natural order.

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