Sleep on it | Bedroom Interior Design

Here’s a fact of life—one third of your life is spent on your bed. That being said, the amount of time spent in your bedroom can far exceed the amount of time you spend anywhere else, so make it look beautiful with a remodel.

When starting your interior design for your bedroom from scratch, pick out your fabrics first and base the wall color from it. Once those have been decided, select furniture that complements your colors. Neutral, pastel, earth, and warm colors do great in the bedroom because they give it a cozy and restful appearance. Even though that bright orange bedspread is a fun color for your interior design, it can end up screaming at you when you’re ready for bed and it will not help you sleep. To go a step further, use 

the same fabric, design, and color for the curtains as you used from the bedcovers. This willinstantly show people you know a thing or two about interior design.

The bedroom is your own private space—guests to your mixers will usually not end up here—so feel free to be as creative as you want. Give the look plenty of your own personal taste and style but remember to keep the atmosphere cozy and relaxing. Enjoy the night in your new and improved remodeled room!