Sleep on it: Unique Headboards

A great headboard can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom. With ready-made solutions available to complement your bed's style or the ability to improvise a unique headboard out of your own personal flair, your choices for this finishing touch in your bedroom are limitless!

When it comes to headboards, think outside the box. Are you a bookworm who always likes having a hard copy of your favorite stories at your fingertips? Instead of a traditional headboard, leave some space between your bed and the wall for stacks of your favorite hard covered collectables. Maybe you're never happier than when you're out hiking around the desert trails of Tucson. Next time you're out on the mountain, bring back some old ocotillo branches to line the wall behind your bed with some outdoorsy flair. The possibilities are endless to make your bedroom one-of-a-kind.

If you choose to go the ready-made route for your master bed headboard, you still have a lot of choices down the road. You can choose something that blends in for subtle elegance, a unit with a lot of shelves if you have storage space on your mind, or plush oversized padded headboards that may just be too chic to pass up. From wood to fabric, small to large, and elegant to funky there are many different ways to personalize your bedroom even if you lack the creativity to come up with something entirely unique.