Thinking Outside the Remodel Box: Wall Stickers and Stencils

Interior Design is an expression of self. We take individual, metaphorical pieces and parts of ourselves and strategically place them on our walls, in our kitchens, washrooms, bedrooms, basements and spread them throughout our living space. So why not be creative, while also serving a function in the planning of exactly what goes where?

Bring your space to life by using stencils on varied surfaces. Create mosaics, patterns, or symmetrical designs. Spell out words to tell a story, or integrate shapely designs into the mix to really make the finished product pop.

Interiors retailers carry a wide range of wall-stickers. This contemporary trend has seen popularity with young, urban, college crowds, but can lend a classic and eloquent touch to any space, if properly executed. By pairing wall-stickers with different pieces of furniture, you can use the trendy design piece as the foundation for a desired style of each space. (HINT: Kids rooms)

Why not save an empty wall from loneliness by incorporating creative shelving into the mix? This is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Think: Bookshelves, record collections, awards displays or photo displays. Depending on the theme you aim to achieve, finding materials for this portion of your space can take many different routes; all of which are fun. Decorate the boys’ walls and hold up their school books with old skateboard decks, or used distressed aluminum and rope to give your home office a rustic touch.