Tips to Decorate your Home for Halloween

October is coming up fast and that means you're bound to have a Halloween party and trick-or-treaters to entertain. Let your imagination run wild and, for the best effect, try to avoid just using the decorations from big-box stores to transform your elegant home with a spooky design!

The trick to making a Halloween party be memorable is to be creative. From the costumes to the food and decor, let your mind go wild and come up with something unique while keeping with the theme. For example, if you want your party to be a gathering of vampires, use black and red in your design with eerie drip candles and drape red napkins from the table. Use your creativity to make a new label for the red wine bottles to reflect your appetite for blood or, for those younger vampires, drip strawberry puree along the inside of the drink glass.

When you give a treat to the youngsters at your front door, you'll want to make a lasting impression by showing off how creepy you can make your entryway. One of the best things about Halloween is that the decorations you use don't require much maintenance and look great when they're left unattended. Gather some dead branches in a black pot and adorn it with small pumpkins. Unlike other holiday plants, you won't even need to water them. Grab some bat, raven, or spider decorations to bring the spooky on home without going over the top.