Tucson Home Remodeling For Those Who Plan to Age at Home

Some home renovation trends have nothing to do with style—at least not in the sense that we tend to think of it.

When the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)conducted a poll of their top builders and developers for CBS MoneyWatch.com, one of the trends they reported had little to do with which colors were “hot” and which countertops reflected the current fashion.

They discovered that an increasing number of homeowners (even those who are quite a few years away from retirement) are making changes to their homes that will allow them to live in them comfortably even as they grow older. There appears to be an upswing in the number of homeowners who plan to “age at home”, and some of these individuals are preparing their homes well in advance.

Among the home remodeling and renovation projects being done are things such as replacing existing kitchen cabinets with easy-opening cabinets; installing hand-held shower faucets; and increasing ease of access in their kitchens and bathrooms. 

Age In Place (http://ageinplace.com) offers the following suggestions for homeowners who want to remain in their homes as they mature:

  • Install grab bars for toilets and tubs in bathrooms
  • Fasten down rugs or floor runners
  • Replace door knobs with levers
  • Install a walk-in tub and/or a tub or shower seat
  • Reduce the height of microwaves or any other appliances
  • Apply non-slip tape on non-carpeted steps
  • Replace standard light switches with rocker-style switches
  • Install more or brighter lighting
  • Increase the width of doorways and hallways
  • Lower the vanity in bathrooms
  • Install an elevated dishwasher or one with drawers for easy access
  • Replace old stoves with induction cook tops to help prevent burns
  • Replace ceramic tile floors with hardwood or vinyl
  • Install a closet system that features pull down rods

Some of these are low or no-cost solutions. For some, however, you’ll want to consult a home remodelingprofessional to ensure that they are handled properly and that you’ll remain within local codes.